Magic Vacation Homes has a selection of 2 to 8 bedroom homes specifically for an Orlando vacation with affordable prices, fully furnished and professionally decorated. Almost all of our homes are new properties and are designed to make you feel at ease in Orlando. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and cleanliness of our homes.


The Magic Vacation Homes CEO and licensed Real Estate agent in Florida has lived in the US for over 15 years. Mulcy has helped many investors buying a vacation home in Orlando, FL and for 2 years has been managing properties, always looking for the best profitable way for the investor as well as offering excellent customer service for the guests that come from all over the world.


Graduated in hotel administration and with over 25 years of work in the operational and financial boards, Elionaldo Moraes Jr. brought to Magic Vacation Homes all the experience and dedication necessary in the preparation and control of the finances of your vacation property.